Amber Mokume Gane Technique

Amber Mokume Gane Technique

Amber Mokume Gane Bracelet by Mary Beth Hanson Hobbs

Hello Everyone! I want to thank everyone for the 10,000 + visits to my blog! But, here is a technique that I really want to try.  The results from the slices of Mary Beth's stack are below.  Then, choose the shape and design you want to create for your baked finished product.  I have seen the results Mary Beth obtained and it  looks like the most beautiful amber you've ever seen!! I would imagine you could use gold leafing sheets in place of the silver, Mary Beth has used.

I will post some additional steps, and  my finished piece from working with her technique.  I will try to find her pictures of the finished pieces she had posted in the Facebook group; Mokume Gane - Advanced Techniques In Polymer Clay.  Also, please feel free to come join us!!!

Beautiful Amber Mokume Gane Technique

Mary Beth Hanson Hobbs

I combined parts of Marilyn's tutorial.  I had 3 sheets if trans. Put a different color alcohol ink on each one then a sheet of silver foil. Ran these through the PM (pasta machine, Atlas) to #2 then stacked them. I forgot to add the black/white layer before cutting and stacking again so I ended up with 6 layers of trans topped by a black/white layer.

**other pasta machines ie; amacco would be at a #7

These are the slices I ended up with. I plan on making this one again because I really like the browns. 

Here are some other examples of Mary Beth's  Mokume Gane slices

covered switch plate


click the link below to view and hopefully, begin the visual tutorial
by Marilyn Ray Knopic in collaboration with Mary Beth Hanson Hobbs


  1. Great looking bangle!
    What size (inchwise) were the trans sheets before the foil was added?

    1. Thanks Sherry! Mary Beth said the tranz sheets were like 3x6 inches befire adding the silver leafing sheets down ... now I rolled out a 3x6 inch sheet of tranz,on the thickest setting - laid down the gold leaf and the put it through the pasta machine on the medium setting, for mine that was 5-4 then, cut it into 4 equal sheets for the stack :D hope that helps! thanks for your question