Sparkle, Sparkle Mokume Gane Polymer Clay Technique

Angela Ballew's Sparkle Mokume Gane Polymer Clay Technique

**note:  it is assumed that you have some knowledge of working with polymer clay and have basic background of various techniques

To do this stack I used sculpey white, black and translucent...
#1.. Condition clay and roll 3 sheets out on the thickest setting.

#2.. Put either gold or silver leaf on the translucent and run through pasta machine on medium setting to make it crackle.

#3 .. Cut the translucent clay into 5 equal sheets.

#4 & #5 .. Choose your ink colors and do a different color on each sheet.


I put my black clay on top of my white clay and ran it through the pasta machine on the medium setting and then cut into sheets the same size as the inked ones.

#6 .. My first layer was black at the bottom white on top then two layers of translucent. Layer the white and black with the black on top. 3 more layers of translucent and finish with another layer a black white with the black on top

#7 .. Press together and then roll a little.

#8 .. Cut in half and stack them on top of each other.

#9 & #10 .. Press the clay together to form a stack.

#11 .. Using your credit cards, upside down cutters, whatever you want to use make your paterns send form it all back into a stack and roll the top a little bit. In this weather with it being warm let the stack down.

#12 .. Start slicing.

#13 .. Make your pendants earrings bracelets, whatever you want.Bake glaze and wear......
I don't know if you can see all of the gold leaf in this particular piece but I will post more as I make some.
One thing I just remembered make sure you clean your blade on every slice because that is so much leaf in there if you do not clean it you will get drag.


  1. Thanks Angela! It is a great technique as I too followed along with you on this journey to Sparkle! hehe I will be posting what I made and all that I did with your technique *HUGS

  2. Gorgeous. Love the layers of color and sparkle, highlighted by the black & white. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Debbie!!! Angela did a fabulous job in detailing every step so you too can create stunning pieces :D