Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Tutorial - Part 1 Mokume Gane, Alcohol Inks and Translucent Polymer Clay

1.  Condition a sheet of Black on the thickest setting if, you are using a pasta machine and a sheet of White Polymer clay again, thickest setting. *if using a roller - approx. 1/8 inch.

2.  Create a stack with the Black on top of the White, set aside.

3.  Now, condition a sheet of Translucent polymer clay on the thickest setting or roll again, to 1/8 inch.  (I personally, condition my translucent 20+ times until I can smell the plasticizers releasing from within the clay itself then, I know the chemicals in the clay are properly mixed).

4.   Okay, now carefully, because you know how these leafing sheets can get away from you! And, lay a sheet (gold or silver) I am using silver here.  gain carefully lay it on top of the translucent sheet of polymer clay.  Here I have just used my acrylic roller to "crackle" the sheet.

Now grab your alcohol inks!  These are a few of Tim Holtz's - Adirondack Ink (don't forget to use your craft store coupons!!!).

5.  This is where your creative imagination comes in!  Randomly or not, your choice apply drops of ink (I didn't have to squeeze the bottle to obtain a drop on my sheet) you can use as many or as little color as you want.  Here I have used Blue, Poppyfield and Teraa Cotta in a random pattern.  When you like the colored pattern you have . . . STOP!  Now, you must let these inks dry that usually takes an hour or more.  I don't use my heat gun to speed up this process because it degrades the intensity of the inks I have found in other projects with the use of alcohol inks.


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